Shoreline Design #3: Lean Bio-Engineered Shoreline

This Lean Bio-engineered Shoreline Habitat Design is intended to stop undermining of the bank, stop shoreline retreat, dissipate wave energy, reduce sediment loading and provide a shoreline habitat through native plant seeding. This design is a soil filled, stand-alone revetment complete with stone on stone strength and particle interlock that can be used with a high level of confidence in a heavy wave energy environment. The revetment is not structurally dependent upon the vegetation, but the vegetation provides the ecological benefits of a shoreline habitat and increases stability. Based on sound engineering principles, the stone apron, surface slope gradient and armor stone facing can be sized to meet the extreme requirements of even the largest reservoirs.

As with many bio-engineered designs, diversity of the introduced plant species may be lost where invasive species are present in the existing seed bank.

Call or e-mail for more information concerning: structural benefits, suitability for the existing topography, construction methods using Macoupin riprap boats, post-construction geomorphology, riprap quality requirements or other related topics.