Shoreline Design #2: Lake Rip Rap Lean Revetment

The Lake Rip Rap Lean Revetment was developed to maximize shoreline stabilization with limited funds. This design is recommended for areas where the littoral zone is not wide enough to accommodate a "Breakwater with naturally Colonized Littoral Habitat" (steeper than 12%).

Properly applied and maintained, the Lean Revetment on filter fabric positively stops wave induced shoreline erosion, stops bank retreat, reduces sedimentation, improves water quality, provides interstitial habitat, has a natural appearance, does not reflect wave energy, does not impede wildlife access, is not compromised by fluctuating water levels, is affordable for large remote projects, and provides the necessary stable conditions for a natural healing and re-vegetation of the shoreline.

This is the lowest cost shoreline erosion control method available for remote shorelines with steep slopes and significant wave energy but lacks the biological benefits of Design # 1 Breakwater with Naturally Colonized Littoral Habitat.