Lake Rip Rap in the News

  • "Soil Erosion & Hydroseeding Magazine"
    July / August 2011
    "Eco-Friendly Shoreline Protection Techniques"
    by: Robin Westmiller
  • "Lake & Reservoir Management"
    (Peer review Journal of the North America Lake Management Society)
    June 2009
    "Shoreline Stabilization using Breakwaters on a Mid-western Reservoir"
    by: John Severson, etal
  • "Land & Water Magazine"
    January / February 2008
    "Off Shore Breakwaters Create Transitional Wetlands at Kinkaid Lake"
    by: John Severson
  • "Lakeline Magazine"
    June 2005 Issue
    "Project Partnering Reduces the Cost of Shoreline Habitat"
    by: Dan Fisher, Mayor Gillespie, Illinois
  • "Erosion Control Magazine"
    January / February 2005 Issue
    "Shoreline Protection Techniques"
    by: Bill Tice
  • "Land & Water Magazine"
    November / December 2004
    "No Touch Shoreline Habitat & Erosion Control"
    by: Hank Sutton
  • "Erosion Control Magazine"
    June 2002
    "The Lowdown on Riprap"
    by: Linda Robinson