Video: Macoupin 420 - World's Most Productive Transportable Riprap Boat

( 1:18 ) Shoreline Erosion Control – Work safely, at a steady pace with Macoupin 420 Riprap Boats – tally the tonnage at the end of the day – Be Amazed!....The design has been refined, with two highly successful prototypes built. We are ready to build full size boat.

Macoupin Boats are ideal for building stone sills for living shoreline erosion control, energy reduction for endangered littoral plant communities, bridge scour protection, off shore break-waters, island shoreline stabilization, common revetments and other projects in remote locations.

Compared to the Macoupin 415, the Macoupin 420 has 67% more primary power; 17% faster cruise speed; 20% larger payload; loads / unloads 5 times faster; improved construction methods and techniques developed to fully utilize the boat's production capabilities; improved safety features; truckable as a single unit; easier to operate and lower bridge clearance.

The Macoupin 420 – A major advancement in productivity.