About Us

Hank & Karen Sutton

Lake Rip Rap, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Hank and Karen Sutton for the purpose of developing new methods of establishing shoreline habitat and providing shoreline stability that are environmentally sound and more affordable.

These goals have been achieved through the development of mechanical boats to preserve the existing terrestrial habitat and lean, energy dissipating designs that stop shoreline erosion /retreat with no excavation and no heavy equipment on the bank, using natural geomorphic and biological processes to our advantage in minimizing costs.

Karen Sutton is Secretary/ Treasurer of Lake Rip Rap with 35 years experience in payroll, accounting, business plan development and office management.

Hank Sutton is an Engineering Technician with 34 years of experience with the Illinois Department of Transportation.  His duties included design/route surveying, construction staking/inspection and material testing/inspection specializing in stone products including riprap and armor stone.  Hank held the position of Physical Test Supervisor for IDOT District 6.  Hank’s 17 years experience with Lake Rip Rap, includes mechanical boat design, practical shoreline design and extensive lean design implementation.

As a board member of Sunset Lake Association, Hank supervised various engineering projects including dam maintenance, spillway and water control structure rehabilitation, retention site design and construction, hydraulic dredging and island shoreline stabilization.