Shoreline Erosion Control Stabilization Bio-Engineering Inland Lakes

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Lake Rip Rap, Inc. producer and supplier of Macoupin Boats. Shoreline erosion control, shoreline stabilization, shoreline bio-engineering & littoral habitat development with no excavation, no heavy equipment on the bank and no environmental damage to the upland habitat.

Lake Rip Rap – the leader in affordable shoreline restoration and shoreline enhancement on inland lakes using our unique transportable boats since 1994. Macoupin Boats, working with natural shoreline processes to treat the cause and not the symptoms of shoreline erosion, have successfully stabilized 180,000 lineal feet of shoreline with structural toe protection, breakwaters and naturally colonized or bio-engineered littoral habitats on 40 mid-western lakes.

VIDEO: Macoupin 420 - Most Productive

Video: Macoupin 420 - World's most productive transportable riprap boat

( 1:18 ) Video – "Macoupin 420 - World's most productive transportable riprap boat"

VIDEO: Macoupin 310 Placing RipRap

Video: Macoupin 310 Placing RipRap, a video showing the complete unloading cycle of the Macoupin 310

( 2:40 ) Video – "Macoupin 310 Placing RipRap": This video shows the complete unloading cycle of the Macoupin 310.

VIDEO: Multi Vessel Fleet

Video: Macoupin Boats Multi Vessel Fleet

( 24 sec. ) Video – "Macoupin Boats Multi Vessel Fleet": Macoupin Boats in tandem or as a multi-vessel fleet to fully utilize the work force.

VIDEO: Examples of Severe Erosion

Video: Examples of Severe Shoreline Erosion

( 31 sec. ) Video – "Examples of Severe Shoreline Erosion": Shoreline erosion degrades water quality by increasing turbidity, deters littoral habitat development, and hastens the need for dredging due to excessive sedimentation.

VIDEO: Natural Shoreline Healing

Video: Natural Shoreline Healing

( 2:38 ) Video – "Natural Shoreline Healing": Before and after photos up to 10 years later show the results of the Lake Rip Rap designs built by Macoupin Boats.

VIDEO: Boats in Super Shallow Water

Video: Macoupin Boats in Super Shallow Water

( 58 sec. ) Video – "Macoupin Boats in Super Shallow Water"

VIDEO: Living Shorelines at Clinton Lake

Video: Building Living Shorelines at Clinton Lake

( 53 sec. ) Video – "Macoupin Boats Building Living Shorelines at Clinton Lake": Macoupin 410 & 415 building a stone sill for a long stretch of naturally colonized living shoreline.

VIDEO: Macoupin Boat at 65 MPH

Video: Macoupin Boat at 65 MPH

( 12 sec. ) Video – "Macoupin Boat at 65 MPH": All of the series 300 and series 400 Macoupin Boats are transportable by truck.

VIDEO: Macoupin Boats in Action

Video: Macoupin Boats in Action

( 2:38 ) Video – "Macoupin Boats in Action": This video shows all operations of Macoupin Boats.

VIDEO: Boats Working Under Bridge

Video: Macoupin Boats Working Under Bridge

( 1 min. ) Video – "Macoupin Boats Working Under Bridge": Macoupin Boats are ideal for scour protection around bridge abutments, piers and other structures.

VIDEO: Survey Unit #2 for Sale

Video: Survey Unit 2 for Sale

( 58 sec. ) Video – "Survey Unit #2 for Sale": Macoupin Boats Survey Unit #2 with cabin heat and A/C, quiet, seating for 8 people and all weather cruising.